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Audiology Treatment in Hyderabad

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Audiology Treatment in Hyderabad

The department of Audiology and Speech therapy offers comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation services by qualified audiologists and speech pathologists. Our center is equipped with the state of the art technology instruments to perform tests like Pure tone audiometry , Impedance audiometry, Speech audiometry , Behavioral observation audiometry, oto acoustic emissions and Brain stem evoked response audiometry (BERA). These tests will help in differential diagnosis of hearing problems in patients with different age groups. We provide diagnostic and counseling services for cochlear implantation surgery and well equipped with the pre and post management of cochlear implant services. We offer new born hearing screening services and early intervention programs for very young children with hearing impairment.

Audiology Treatment in Hyderabad

The department provides appropriate hearing aid trial and dispensation of the same in those cases where an amplification device is seen as the ideal management option. Our goal is to connect our patients to the sounds they have been missing, by pairing them with the latest hearing aid technology that fits their needs. We dispense all latest imported digital multi channel hearing aids with latest features like environmental optimization, adaptive directionality, machine learning and connectivity options for different Bluetooth devices. We always consider the life style needs of the clients and make sure that these hearing devices will meet the listening demands of the clients.

As a part of speech therapy services, the Speech pathologist provides diagnostic and treatment services for children, adults and geriatrics with different speech and language problems. The management of speech therapy problems includes therapeutic approach which will have therapeutic plans with pre set goals on timely basis.We have effective management options for patients with numerous speech and language problems like Fluency problems( Stammering, cluttering), voice problems, articulation disorders, delayed speech and language skills, dysarthria ( impaired Speech ), aphasia ( impaired language) and habilitation programs for cochlear implant recipients. We always believe in evidence based practice and result oriented therapeutic plans in dealing with different speech and language problems.

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