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The food we swallow involves many muscles and nerves in the mouth, throat, and food pipe. Many people experience pain while swallowing at least once in their lifetime. It may include sharp or dull pain in the jaw, throat, chest, or food pipe.

The main cause of pain during swallowing is due to infection, inflammation, and obstruction of the throat, mouth, or food pipe can cause discomfort swallowing. It may be due to strep throat, tonsillitis, epiglottitis, esophagitis, yeast infection, and throat injury.

Individuals will have pain and trouble while swallowing water and high fever. Due to the head and neck pain, individuals prefer to lean forward while sitting. In some cases, an injury to the throat can also lead to pain when swallowing. The neck pain and difficulty in swallowing water or food is experienced.

Best Head and Neck Oncologist Hyderabad

Painful swallowing often resolves in a few days if it occurs due to a cold. However, in some cases, professional medical help is necessary if the neck pain and difficulty swallowing are severe. Consult a doctor if the cause of pain when swallowing is unknown, the pain has lasted more than a week or is getting worse and if there is a patch of white spots in the back of the throat.

It is also important to recognize when there are neck pain and trouble swallowing, as it can be a sign of a medical emergency. A person should seek immediate medical care if pain when swallowing occurs alongside the sore neck, difficulty in swallowing, swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, problems opening the mouth, and unusual drooling.

An accurate diagnosis is vital to treat sore neck and trouble swallowing condition. Magnas V ENT has the best head and neck oncology surgeons. Our experienced doctors do the necessary tests for treating your neck swallowing problems. A blood test is done to diagnose as to why the individual is facing neck pain and difficulty swallowing.

Tests like throat culture, blood tests include a white blood cell count will help determine the cause and presence of the infection. Also, a CT scan is prescribed for appropriate images of the throat. All the above tests will help our doctors identify any abnormalities, such as tumors, in the throat or food pipe that might cause neck pain and trouble swallowing.

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Any issue related to the ear, nose and throat are accurately diagnosed by making use of highly advanced equipment followed by providing appropriate medicines or surgery if need be. There are medical reimbursement facilities for the state government employees and their family members. Besides, we are also tied-up with some of the leading private health insurance companies.

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