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About Parotid Gland Problems Treatment

Magnasv ENT Hospital is a fully equipped hospital in Dilsukhnagar, dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients. We perform appropriate diagnostic imaging workup based on your medical history and physical examination.

Obstructive & Inflammatory Disorders

Common parotid gland problems are inflammatory and neoplastic. Obstructive and inflammatory disorders of the salivary glands are commonly caused by different pathological conditions affecting the gland tissue.

  • Neoplastic issues can be benign or parotid gland cancer.
  • The inflammation is called parotitis.
  • Common neoplastic condition is a mixed parotid tumor. For children, it is called mumps, a viral infection.
  • When the mouth is dry, especially in the postoperative period, parotid glands can get infected.
  • The parotid gland has a duct through which juices from the gland reach the oral cavity while eating. Sometimes there may be stones in the duct causing backflow, and this also is a predisposing factor for parotid infection.
  • These issues are mostly associated with a common condition of dry mouth.

Our expert diagnosticians help you figure out your problem with proper diagnostic procedures. Talk to your doctor if you face any of the salivary gland issues.

We Treat Various Conditions That Involve
  • Blocked salivary gland
  • Salivary gland infection
  • Parotid gland stone
  • Blocked salivary gland surgery
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Determine the Root Cause

Doctors at our health facility define the extent of your disease and identify complications. After we determine the root cause of your problem, we provide treatment options. If you require any surgery for your parotid gland problem, our doctors walk you through the complete procedure before operating. We offer health care services for all your ENT related problems. We work with integrity and honesty as we are dedicated to serving our patients with nothing but the best. Get in touch with us and visit our hospital today!

Our Achievements

Any issue related to the ear, nose and throat are accurately diagnosed by making use of highly advanced equipment followed by providing appropriate medicines or surgery if need be. There are medical reimbursement facilities for the state government employees and their family members. Besides, we are also tied-up with some of the leading private health insurance companies.

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