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About Turbinates Hypertrophy Treatment

Nasal turbinates are structures on the inside of your nose made of bone and soft tissue. They help to control the flow of air through your nose, and if they become enlarged they can lead to a blocked nose. There are several turbinate hypertrophy treatments for enlarged nasal turbinates, but if they don’t work, you may need turbinate hypertrophy reduction surgery.

Nasal turbinate reduction is a surgical procedure that is done to decrease the size of the turbinates or eliminate them. The surgeon generally views the inside of your nose with a nasal endoscope which has a camera and light on the tip. Based upon your situation, surgery may involve removal of soft tissue and bone or reduction of soft tissue only.

Turbinates Hypertrophy Treatment

The surgeon at Magnas ENT makes an incision in the lining mucosa of the turbinate and carefully removes the underlying bone of the turbinate. Our surgeon may elect to use a microdebrider to thin the tissue around the turbinate.

Consecutively, they may be closed with radiofrequency or electrical current (cautery or radiofrequency surgery). Problems related to inferior turbinate surgery include bleeding, crusting, dryness, and scarring. Your doctor may prescribe a saline spray solution to relieve dryness and aid in healing.

For children with turbinate hypertrophy, turbinate hypertrophy medical procedure should address the issue of nasal hindrance by diminishing the turbinate size and decreasing airway route by protecting the common capacity of the turbinates. This ought to enhance nasal breathing and may reduce nasal drainage and postnasal drip.

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