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Cholesteatoma Treatment in Hyderabad

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About Cholesteatoma Treatment

Cholesteatoma is the noncancerous skin growth disease that can develop abnormally in the middle section of your ear, behind the eardrum. The infection can be caused by frequent middle ear infections. Another factor for cholesteatoma is due to the poor functioning of the Eustachian tube.

Cholesteatoma often develops as a cyst or sac and sheds layers of old skin. As the dead skin cells grow and accumulate, they destroy the delicate bones of the middle ear. This affects hearing, balance, and function of facial muscles.

The affected ear drains a foul-smelling fluid as the cyst grows, and pressure in the ear will cause great discomfort. The growing cyst may cause hearing loss in the affected ear.

Cholesteatoma Treatment in Hyderabad

Cholesteatoma will grow larger and cause complications if left untreated. You may experience vertigo, facial muscle paralysis, and permanent hearing loss if the cyst continues to grow unchecked.

Cholesteatoma surgery if delayed, may destroy the surrounding bone. It will damage the eardrum, the bones inside the ear, the bones near the brain, and the nerves of the face. It will lead to permanent hearing loss if the bones within the ear are broken. The situation may lead to surgery for hearing loss and ear bone replacement surgery.

Once cholesteatoma is found, surgical treatment is the only choice. The inner ear surgery removes the disease from the bone and repairs the eardrum. The exact type of operation for cholesteatoma removal is determined by the stage of the disease at the time of surgery.

Cholesteatoma surgery results in the complete removal of cholesteatoma in the majority of cases. Hearing loss after surgery is restored to some degree. If the disease prevents effective hearing restoration, middle ear surgery for hearing the loss in the future may be the best way to improve your hearing.

Our doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital will examine your condition and give you the best medical advice. Individuals may opt for a CT scan to know the possibilities of cholesteatoma. Our specialized ENT doctors will help you throughout the process. Call Magnas V ENT Hospital right away if you’re having any of these symptoms.

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