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ENT Hospital in Dilsukhnagar | Facilities

Magnasv ENT Super Speciality Hospital

MagnasV ENT Super Speciality Hospital in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad has a fully equipped building for accommodating its patients and visitors. Our outpatient department (OPD) acts a point of contact between hospital and patients; it will help patients in the matters of registrations, showing directions, assisting in lab investigations and pharmacy etc. We have dedicated operation theatres, in-patient rooms, ICU, hearing aid centres, and voice and sleep labs etc. The facilities and services we provide are listed below.

  •  Micro Ear Surgery
  •  Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  •  Microlaryngeal Surgery
  •  Phonosurgery
  •  Radiofrequency/Cryosurgery
  •  Coblation Surgery
  •  Laser Assisted ENT Surgeries
  •  Skull-Base Surgery
  •  Rhinoplasty
  •  Sleep Endoscopy
  •  Sleep/Snoring Surgeries
  •  Head & Neck Cancer Therapy
  •  Allergy therapy
  •  Facial Plastic Surgery
  •  Speech Therapy
  •  hearing test & Hearing Aid
  •  PTA, Impedance, BERA, ASSR, OAE, ENG, EChOG, VEMP
  •  Neonatal Hearing Screening
  •  Tinnitus Management
  •  Vertigo Management
  •  Video Nystagmography