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Chronic Sinusitis Treatment in Hyderabad

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About Chronic Sinusitis Treatment

Dr. S. Ravi Kumar’s work at Magnas Ear Nose and Throat Clinic is a specialized practice, focused on the management of conditions affecting the nose, sinus, and skull base. We offer the best treatment for chronic sinusitis and cure for both inflammatory and neoplastic conditions.

Chronic Sinusitis causes when the lining of the sinuses gets infected or irritated, becomes swollen, and creates extra mucus. Chronic rhinosinusitis is different from the more common form of rhinosinusitis (called acute rhinosinusitis), which is a temporary infection of the sinuses. Chronic rhinosinusitis is a more determined problem that requires a specific treatment approach.

Most short-term sinus infections can be treated medically. Individuals with long-term or chronic sinus infections can find relief with medication. But if none of these treatments works for you, chronic sinusitis surgery may be an option.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment in Hyderabad

Acute sinus infections may have similar symptoms as a cold, and in many cases, it is cured on their own. Chronic Sinusitis may be treated naturally with medical therapy and lifestyle changes, while others may require surgery. Medical treatments are typically tried first. In general, our doctor will suggest surgery only after all other treatments have failed to ease your symptoms.

Magnas ENT Clinic is supported by a dedicated team of administrative, support, and allied health staff. We have a dynamic and innovative ENT specialist and sub-specialist practice applying the world’s best evidence and state-of-the-art techniques providing best antibiotic medicine for chronic sinusitis in the care of our patients.

Our Achievements

Any issue related to the ear, nose and throat are accurately diagnosed by making use of highly advanced equipment followed by providing appropriate medicines or surgery if need be. There are medical reimbursement facilities for the state government employees and their family members. Besides, we are also tied-up with some of the leading private health insurance companies.

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