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Best Hearing aid for otosclerosis in Hyderabad

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About Otosclerosis Treatment

A rare condition, otosclerosis happens when a small bone in your middle ear, the stapes gets stuck in place. It causes hearing loss. Otosclerosis usually starts between the ages of 10 and 45. You can develop otosclerosis most likely to get it during your 20s. The symptoms usually are at their worst in the 30s. Otosclerosis runs in families, and about half of all people with otosclerosis have a gene that links to the condition.

Both men and women get otosclerosis, though women have a higher risk of otosclerosis. Stress fractures to the bony tissue around the inner ear might make otosclerosis more likely to happen.

Individuals may at first notice that they can't hear low-pitched sounds or people whispering. The main symptom of otosclerosis is hearing loss. The situation may get worse over time. Most people with otosclerosis have hearing loss in both ears, and some people may experience hearing loss in just one ear. The classic symptoms are dizziness, balance problems, and tinnitus.

Best Hearing aid for otosclerosis in Hyderabad

Tinnitus is a small ringing, roaring, buzzing, or hissing experienced in the ears or head region. This sometimes occurs with hearing loss. In some cases, tinnitus can be a problem after you have ear surgery to treat otosclerosis.

If you have trouble hearing, consult our otosclerosis specialist doctor in Magnas V ENT Hospital. Health care providers in Magnas V ENT Hospital who specialize in hearing diagnose otosclerosis. We will closely watch the status of your ear, test your hearing, and check your family health history. In some cases, we may recommend a CT scan.

Our specialized doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital will test your hearing regularly and suggest the right treatment. Depending on the situation of the individual, we might also recommend a hearing aid.

In some cases, if your hearing loss is serious or is getting worse, our otosclerosis specialist doctor in Magnas V ENT Hospital may recommend surgery. The otosclerosis specialist surgeon will operate on one ear at a time, and you need to wait at least six months for your other ear.

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