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Sudden Hearing Loss in Hyderabad

About Deafness

Deafness or hearing loss is a common problem that occurs progressively as you age. Hearing loss involves the outer or middle ear, inner ear, and sometimes it is a combination of the two. Factors such as excessive earwax can temporarily reduce the functionality of your ears. Most of the hearing loss problems are irreversible.

The symptoms of hearing loss include muffling of speech and other sounds. Individuals have difficulty understanding words, especially against background noise. People can face symptoms like sudden deafness withdraw from conversations, ask others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly, and find the need to turn up the volume of the television or radio.

The treatment for sudden deafness depends on the cause and severity of your hearing loss. The first diagnosis for hearing loss includes a physical test on the individual. Our ENT doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital look for possible causes of your hearing loss, such as earwax or inflammation from an infection.

Sudden Hearing Loss in Hyderabad

For further clarification, general screening tests like whisper and audiometer tests are suggested as part of the deafness treatment. Our specialized audiologists conduct various deafness treatments to determine the seriousness of the deafness and hearing loss in an individual.

Our ENT doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital tries to detect hearing loss by a simple test with tuning forks. The deafness treatments will reveal the damaged area in your ear.

Words are spoken at various volumes to see how well you respond to the accuracy of other sounds. During these tests conducted by our audiologist, you are supposed to wear earphones and hear sounds directed to each ear. Each tone is repeated at faint levels to find the quietest sound you can hear. A hearing aid for hearing loss is prescribed as part of the deafness and hearing loss treatment.

If individuals face severe hearing loss and gain limited benefit from conventional hearing aids, then a cochlear implant may be an option. The cochlear implant bypasses the damaged parts of your inner ear. They directly stimulate the hearing nerve. An audiologist, along with an ENT doctor at Magnas V ENT Hospital will discuss the risks and benefits of the cochlear implants.

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