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About Chronic Adenoiditis Treatment

Adenoids are similar to the tonsils and are made up of lymph tissue. Adenoids help to fight infections and may cause problems if they become infected. Along with tonsils, adenoids are the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

Children are more susceptible to adenoiditis. The adenoids progressively shrink through childhood and by time children reach teen years the adenoids are generally gone.

Adenoiditis is caused by a bacterial infection. Individuals will experience recurring infections in the throat, neck, or head, infections of the tonsils and contact with airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria. The infection is caused by a virus and generally resolves on its own. It may take up to 2 to 3 weeks to fully resolve.

Chronic Adenoiditis Treatment

Adenoiditis is the swelling or enlargement of the adenoids. The swelling may block or restrict your airways. Due to the enlargement of adenoids, it becomes difficult to breathe through your nose.

Due to swollen adenoids, individuals sound nasal, as if they are talking through the nose. Also, individuals will experience sore or dry throat from breathing through the mouth, breathing through mouth becomes more comfortable than breathing through the nose, snoring during the night or any time you sleep and a runny nose that produces green or discolored mucus.

The bacterial infection will go away with treatment with an antibiotic. The antibiotics will improve breathing and swallowing.

Magnas V ENT Hospitals is the best chronic adenoiditis hospital for treating chronic adenoiditis. You may consult our specialized ENT doctors for chronic adenoiditis. Our doctors will likely perform a physical examination to determine where the infection is located. Thorough family history is checked to determine if your condition is hereditary. The tests usually include throat examinations using swabs to obtain samples of bacteria and other organisms. Blood tests are done to determine the presence of organisms. Also, X-rays of the head and neck are done to determine the size of adenoids and extent of infection.

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