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Laryngeal Stridor Treatment in Hyderabad

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About Laryngeal Stridor Treatment

Stridor is a sign of an underlying health issue where a high-pitched squeaking or whistling sound is observed usually due to an obstruction in an airway. It is a sign of a blockage within the upper airways. One of the major symptoms of stridor includes a strange whistling or squeaking noise when a person breathes.

The three types of stridor are inspiratory, expiratory, and biphasic. Inspiratory occurs while breathing in and indicates a blockage above the vocal cords. Expiratory occurs when breathing out and indicates a blockage in the windpipe. Biphasic occurs when a person breathes in and out and indicates narrow cartilage directly below the vocal cords.

Laryngeal Stridor Treatment in Hyderabad

Stridor in children is much more common among children than adults. Children have softer and narrower airways which are more susceptible to blockages. Sometimes, stridor in children is caused due to congenital abnormalities. Symptoms of stridor in children usually appear within a few weeks or months of the child being born.

Some of the symptoms to look out for stridor in children are if there is any sound of the abnormal breathing if the individual has fallen ill recently, struggling to breathe, fever, any foreign object in their mouth and any change in child’s face.

Stridor in adults is most commonly caused by swelling in throat or upper airway, thyroid, chest, esophageal, or neck surgery, inhaling smoke, bronchitis, vocal cord paralysis, swallowing a harmful substance that causes damage to the airway, trauma to the airway, such as a fracture in the neck or an object stuck in the nose or throat.

Our doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital will try to find the cause of stridor and give the best stridor breathing treatment. They’ll give you or your child a physical examination and ask questions about medical history.

Tests such as are X-rays, CT scan, bronchoscopy, and laryngoscopy are conducted to determine the status of stridor. The tests reveal the signs of blockage of chest and neck, examine the voice box and provide a clearer view of the airway.

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