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Best Facial Paralysis Treatment in Hyderabad

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About Facial Paralysis Treatment

Facial paralysis occurs when there is a disruption in the part of the brain called the motor cortex. It is an injury to the facial nerve or damage to the muscles that control facial expression.

Facial paralysis causes loss of facial movement due to nerve damage and inflammation of the facial nerve. The facial nerves also cause the muscles on one side of the face to droop.

The major cause of facial paralysis is a stroke. During the stroke, nerves that control the muscles in the face are damaged. Damage to the brain cells is caused by either lack of oxygen or excess pressure on the brain cells caused by bleeding.

Facial paralysis can take over suddenly or happen gradually over a while. Depending on the severity, the face paralysis might last for a short or extended period.

Best Facial Paralysis Treatment in Hyderabad

The common symptoms of facial paralysis are a drastic droop of facial muscles and weak facial muscles. The condition may occur on one or both sides of the face. Individuals will also experience asymmetric facial structures, the inability to raise the eyebrows, inability to close an eyelid and protect the eyeball from drying out, sagging or looseness of the lower eyelid, and the inability to raise, lower or pucker the lips

Other causes of facial paralysis include skull fracture or injury to the face, middle ear infection or other ear damage, head or neck tumor, Lyme disease, and Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Treatment for facial paralysis depends on many factors. They include the patient's age, cause, and severity of paralysis and duration of symptoms. The symmetry of facial features usually regained if the patient participates in facial muscle retraining and facial paralysis physical therapy. Both are critical and important for a successful facial paralysis physical therapy.

Often the diagnosis for facial paralysis treatment is complicated. Get facial paralysis treatment at Magnas V ENT. Our specialized team of doctors will conduct complete tests and imaging studies of the brain and face. Get your MRI, CT scan to rule out brain tumors, strokes, and infections. Also, an Electromyography (EMG) is conducted to study the nerve and muscle. You are in safe hands, as Magnas V ENT doctors will deliver the best facial paralysis treatment.

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