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About Mastoiditis Treatment

Mastoiditis is the bacterial infection of the mastoid air cells. They surround the inner and middle ear. The mastoid bone is full of these air cells and is a part of the temporal bone of the skull. Mastoiditis develops when the mastoid cells become infected or inflamed due to a middle ear infection (otitis media). Acute mastoiditis typically affects children. The infection also affects adults.

Middle ear infections like acute otitis media and mastoiditis in children are common in children younger than two years of age. Parents should look out for any mood changes, frequent crying or pulling on the ears by children.

Mastoiditis occurs when bacteria from the middle ear travels into the air cells of the mastoid bone. Individuals with Mastoiditis infection will feel lethargic and irritable due to the swelling of the ear lobe. Individuals will experience bleeding from the ear, bulging, drooping of the ear, and redness behind the ear with fever.

Mastoiditis Treatment in Hyderabad

Without proper antibiotic treatment, the Mastoiditis infection will spread to the brain. They may also travel to the blood, organs, and brain.

Fluid (effusion) remains in the middle ear for a long time in chronic Acute Otitis Media Treatment with effusion. Even though there is no infection, the effusion builds up again and again. It affects your hearing.

If left untreated Mastoiditis can cause serious health complications. It may lead to facial paralysis, hearing loss, vision changes, headaches (blood clots in the brain), nausea, vomiting, vertigo, brain abscess, or meningitis.

If you are experiencing an earache, discharge of fluid or trouble hearing, see our specialized ENT doctors at Magnas V ENT Hospital. Our dedicated and dedicated doctors will run the required tests and give you the best mastoiditis treatment. Prevent mastoiditis and other serious health complications by making a timely visit to our Magnas V ENT Hospital.

Chronic mastoiditis can be treated with regular ear cleanings, oral antibiotics, and eardrops. Antibiotic therapy is the mainstay of mastoiditis treatment for both acute and chronic mastoiditis. Magnas V ENT Hospital offers the best diagnosis for acute mastoiditis. Our ENT doctors specialize in ear, nose, and throat disorders. Our team of experienced ENT specialists will also make the journey of surgery smooth and prevent further complications.

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