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About Submandubular Gland Problems

Magnasv ENT Hospital offers the best medical practice and health solutions for your ENT problems. With our expert team of doctors, we serve in Dilsukhnagar. We are a team of approachable doctors who are dedicated to helping you with proper diagnostic procedures and equipment. Our team helps diagnose and treat you with the utmost care and personal concern.

Right Medical Remedies

Salivary glands supply the saliva we need to chew, swallow, and speak, to wash food debris away from teeth. Submandibular gland swelling can be associated with many mouth conditions like dry mouth, salivary gland infections and other pathological reasons like salivary gland cancer. Our experienced doctors help you with the right remedies and effectively mitigate all issues submandibular glands.

About Submandibular Glands

You can find the submandibular gland in front of the curve of the lower jaw at the back of your mouth on both sides of your face. The submandibular glands are responsible for supplying saliva that contains enzymes. As we all know, the enzymes in saliva not only help in chewing but also help in breaking down food and minerals. These enzymes also minimize the effect of food acids on your tooth.

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Best Patient Care

Sometimes these glands can swell or cause submandibular gland pain on one side and other problems that your doctor will diagnose and offer complete medical solutions. Consult your doctor if you have consistent swelling or other issues like pain under your tongue. We as a team are committed to providing the best patient care and patient-centric medical solutions. We treat sinus infection that causes swollen salivary glands.

Our Achievements

Any issue related to the ear, nose and throat are accurately diagnosed by making use of highly advanced equipment followed by providing appropriate medicines or surgery if need be. There are medical reimbursement facilities for the state government employees and their family members. Besides, we are also tied-up with some of the leading private health insurance companies.

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